Webinars & Podcasts

Aside from live presentations, I also have taken part in webinars and podcast.

Here you can (re-)watch these on demand.

And if you'd like me to be a part of your next webinar or podcast, feel free to reach out!


CX Network Live EMEA 2019: CX Metrics and KPI in the Age of AI? (July 2019)

With AI, digital technology and omni-channel playing such a big part in modern CX, how relevant are traditional metrics such as NPS?
How can you be sure the KPIs you’re working towards resonate with what today’s customer wants, and how today’s business operates?

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Voices of CX: CX Metrics and KPIs in the Age of A.I. (December 2018)

Discover all you need to know on how to choose, design or build the right CX metric for your business and what A.I. brings to the table.

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Voices of CX
CXN Live Insights

From Insight Into Action: Customer Insights for Short and Long-Term Growth (September 2018)

CXN Live is a 3-day online event bringing a series of hand-picked case studies and thought leadership presentations from industry leaders on customer data and analytics.

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How to transform your customer experience in storytelling? (July 2018)

An hour-long chat with fellow 30 Under 30 Lucas Hansel, CEO of Gorila App, where we discuss ways of going from data points to insight and digestible story to share with stakeholders.

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Storytelling (portuguese)

WEBINAR: B2B Customer Experience - Winning in the moments that matter (2017)

I was invited to co-host KPMG Nunwood's webinar on their first B2B report based on their Customer Experience Excellence research in the B2B space spanning across 6 industries in both the UK and the US.

In the webinar, beyond answering questions from the audience, I covered the following topics

  • Case study on Dell
  • The Decision Making Unit and how to successfully influence their behaviours in B2B Relationships
  • The current performance of businesses across industries in delivering the Six Pillars of Customer Experience
  • The key relationship models in the B2B space, their prevalance across industires and which model delivers best value to clients