Training Services


Customer Experience being such a new and developing field, it is extremely challenging to find the right skill set in your workforce or your local market.

It's even more complex when it comes to building and acting upon your own Voice of Customer programme, embedding the customer and a powerful customer experience strategy within an organisation's operation.

Let your teams discover the power of customer feedback done right, from your CX team to your front-line or senior stakeholders, so your programme drives the right benefits: rapid and sustainable growth with the power of Return on Experiences.

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Types of training available


Customer Experience Professionals

Whether new to customer experience or simply new to harnessing the insight you collect and building a strong story to sell customer experience to stakeholders and transform the culture, CX Professionals need a wide arsenal of tools to be successful in their roles.


Customer-facing colleagues (Front-line)

The best insight in the world will never go far without engaging and having the front-line buying into the vision.

Stop swimming against the current and bring your most important colleagues into the vision for customer experience and teach them the key tenets to delivering truly outstanding customer experiences that drive business results.


Customer Champions & In-House Certification

You managed to get momentum in your organisation and even created a whole community of customer champions (or ambassadors, or delegates or leaders) - now what?

The very first step you need to do is to engage them and give them the confidence to speak up on behalf of the customer and give them the tools they need to champion and embed your CX vision and strategy into their respective teams.

How can this be best achieved? By creating an in-house certification programme, to get them engaged, trained and proud to be recognised as true subject matter experts in the field of customer experience - all they need to help you advance your agenda!

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