Find here a collection of publications I have either (co-)authored or contributed content, chapters or an article to, all pertaining to customer experience.

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Find out what I and 14 other experts in  customer experience see what's in stock for the industry in 2019.

The report was compiled by Lumoa, a finnish VoC platform.

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AI in CX

CX Artifical Intelligence - Survey Report 2018 - (2018)

This report looks at the opinions of over 100 relevant individuals in the customer experience space. This report aims to understand more about where businesses are positioned on the journey to AI implementation, where they hope to be on this journey by 2020, and if they are realising tangible ROI through the implementation of AI.

The report was published, with commentary by yours truly, as part of the marketing campaign towards IQPC's 'Artifical Intelligence for Customer Experience' taking place in November 2018 in London.

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Customer Experience Predictions for 2018 - (2017) 

Combining research and predictions from industry experts, the report reviews the success rate of the 2017 predictions before sharing what they predict 2018 will look like for customers.

Predictions from industry experts from Thomas Cook, Danske Bank, Nissan, Virgin Galactic as well as yours truly!

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CX Predictions 2018

AI 2020: The Future of Customer Experience (2017) 

An in-depth look into the intelligent enterprise investments, trends and challenges that will reshape the CX landscape over the next two years

The age of artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived and is on the verge of up-ending and remaking the customer experience industry, and everyone operating in the CX sphere needs a plan for how they are going to adapt – or face getting left behind by their competitors. [...]

This report looks to gage this optimism and understands these concerns by probing the challenges, opportunities and the potential impact that intelligent enterprise technologies will have on the industry.

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Journal of Shopper Research - Spring (2017)

The Journal of Shopper Research is an academic journal that embraces both academic and commercial research that helps to inform industry professionals about the shopper’s journey and behavior. Journal articles identify the customer, product, and contextual factors that are most influential in the shopper’s journey and ultimately drive the conversion of consumer demand into purchase.

Organizing & Measuring to Deliver Customer Experience Excellence

The paper looks into the importance of best practice Voice of the Customer (and what it looks like) and how it can help organisations transform the experiences they offer to customers. The narrative is supported by the latest research in psychology and neurosciences.

The paper was co-authored with two former colleagues, Craig Ryder and Torsten Fritz, both at KPMG Nunwood.

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B2B Customer Experience: Winning in the Moments that Matter (2017)

This report was KPMG Nunwood's first Customer Experience Excellence research in the B2B space spanning across 6 industries in both the UK and the US.

I have been involved from end to end, from conceptualization, data analysis, building the insight and writing up the content.

In specific, I have authored the following chapters

  • The Decision Making Units and the Six Pillars
  • The Consumerisation of B2B
  • The Role of the Relationship Manager

Making Memories - UK Customer Experience Excellence Analysis (2016)

The report investigates the role of the memory in customer experience and customer decision-making - a theme I have since personally researched further and became fundamental to my approach to the field.

My individual contributions include (along with feedback and minor contributions on other chapters)

  • Achieving Customer Transformation (where I bring a typology and path to experience transformation)
  • Telecommunications Sector Review
  • Case study on Saga - a brand which grew by 200 ranks in 4 years

Harnessing the Power of the Many - Learning from the USA’s Customer Experience Leaders (2016)

Harnessing the Power of the Many is the report covering the 2016 USA edition of the annual customer experience excellence ranking conducted by the Customer Experience Excellence Center.

For this edition, I contributed with two case studies of CX Excellence within the American market and what other companies around the world can learn from them,. The case studies cover the retailer Kroger and the burger joint In-N-Out Burger.

Additionally, I provided some insight into the latest innovations in terms of customer experience that surfaced in the American market, with a dedicated section in the report.