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At a conference, a client event or employee get-together, bring customer centricity to your audience and get them to champion the customers' agenda, whether face-to-face or by teleconference.

Each speech can be tailored to your audience and your desired take-home message.

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Speaking Topics

Tales of CX Trail-blazers: When Science-Fiction meets Reality

As kids, we learned to dream with our heroes from the big screen, we learned to imagine bold new worlds, that sometimes feel thousands of years ahead of where we currently are.

Although I won't talk of flying cars or teleportation, many companies around the world have been pushing the boundaries of our imagination, bringing the dreamed future into the now.

Let me take you into a journey around the world sharing some impressive and awe-inspiring Customer Experience Innovation exemplars from the four corners of the globe - because CX excellence knows no frontiers.

Finding Your CX True North

You've decided to start on the customer experience journey and are all excited about its promises.

But then... you heard that 80% of CX initiatives end up complete failures.

The odds may be against you, but in reality, more often than not, these initiatives fail because they are lacking the key foundations, or DNA, of a healthy CX Strategy.

In this talk, I share the foundations you need to get right from the get-go, so you beat the odds and achieve rapid sustainable growth through the customer.

CX Insights that drive action: Unlocking the Return on Experience

You made the fist step and are receiving feedback from your customers. They are now telling you what you are doing well or not so well - here comes the hard bit: how to make sure you drive change in your organisation?

Your leadership wants more than some disjointed comments - they want to see change happening, they want you to tell them what change to prioritise to get the bigger return on their investment.

They've invested, now you need the return to prove it was a wise investment.

Let me share with you the best-kept secret to WOWing your executives and stakeholders alike, from making data meaningful, to making it do your heavy lifting for you and how to finally present a cohesive and powerful message to the stakeholders you rely upon to make change happen.

Ready to discover The Art Of Return on Experience?

   Let's discuss how to make your next event a success!

A Custom-Fit Presentation

Looking for something else? Have a more precise need in mind?

A specific topic you want to bring to your audience or a theme to your event?

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