About Gustavo Imhof


Gustavo is a truly-global professional, with experience working across Europe and South America, in industries as varied as financial services, logistics, consumer electronics and airlines.

He represents a very new and unique breed of customer experience professionals, having been involved in the field even before graduating from university.

Gustavo kickstarted his career with an academic research paper (Cranfield University) highlighting the financial impact customer experiences have in the automotive industry.

A Voice of Customer & Insights specialist, Gustavo has worked both as an external consultant as well as a client-side leader.

Gustavo has been bringing the customers' voices to life, shaping and executing customer strategies and fueling customer-driven change by supporting functional stakeholders, ensuring brands reap the amazing benefits of Return on Experience.

Our Approach

Our Story

CX Philosophy

Customer Experience Management is much more than just 'doing the right thing' or 'being nice' to customers.

CXM is about measuring, managing and designing experiences in a business profitable manner. A savvy improvement to a business' customer experience must focus on memorable experiences (as in, what the customer remembers) and create business value (either cost & sales-wise or in terms of long-term customer value).

This is what he often refers to as Next Practice in the making putting the emphasis that CX now needs to be forward-looking and move past anecdotal stories, showing where the Return on Experiences is.

Give your audience the competitive edge

Whether it is speaking, writing or training, Gustavo is the person to call if your focus is on genuine competitive edge through CX.